Teamwork Retail

A Complete Cloud-Based POS: Easy to Learn, Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

Cloud-Based Point Of Sale Software On A Sleek And Nimble Tablet System

teamwork retail cloud-based point of sale technology

Why Choose Teamwork?

Teamwork Retail is a cloud and tablet driven point-of-sale system which allows employees to complete sales anywhere, anytime.  EVALUATE multi-store inventory levels in real time.  PERFORM higher sales and personalized customer interactions via mobile capability.  EXPAND to hundreds of stores without software limitations or costly upgrade requirements.  OPERATE your stores with offline capabilities, even if the internet goes down.

A Complete Mobile Solution for the Modern Retailer

  • Mobile (iPad) physical and cycle counts with image support
  • 4-Tier department classification (Dept/Class/Subclass 1&2)
  • 3-Tier style attributes (e.g. size, color, width)
  • Supports catalog items across chain (corporate items)
  • Allows store to create local items
  • Supports multi-vendor
  • Supports specialized industry information
  • Committed inventory/availability
  • Location based pricing
  • Customer price levels
  • Unlimited price level options
  • Scheduled promotions with start/end times
  • Global & line item discount reasons & approvals
  • Discount tracking by reason & associate
  • Manager discount override
  • Full-text search ability anywhere in the program
  • Transfer out- transfer in- in transit modes
  • Unlimited customizable fields and lookups
  • Commission tracking
  • Multi-currency capability and local tax support
  • Item images at POS customer station
  • Rentals and repair order with tracking
  • Sales orders, layaways, pre-orders, wish lists
  • Allocation patterns- purchase at one location, distribute to multiple
  • Purchase planning & new product planning and replenishment management
  • Purchase order and receipt linked to customer order
  • Receiving auto-suggests Preorder and Wish List fulfillment
  • Manage open orders by cancellation date
  • Drop-ship Purchase Orders
  • Purchase in multi currency
  • Purchase order, receiving, and invoicing
  • MS SQL reporting engine
  • Proprietary Cube technology for superfast reports
  • Supports Retail Calendar
  • 50 predefined default reports for Sales, Inventory, Merchandising, Audit
  • Web access to reports with dynamic filter options
  • Forecasting reports vs same day or week prior years
  • All reports exportable to Excel, email, PDF
  • Mobile analytics
teamwork retail cloud-based point of sale technology
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Experience the Pleasure and Ease of Working with an Innovative Platform, Mobility & Flexibility in Functionality, and Better Reporting

Employee Tracking

Once a staff member clocks in, a picture is taken with a time stamp and sent directly to HQ.  Maintain accurate logs, help enforce company procedures, and makes payroll a breeze.

Resources for Buyers

Capture vital product data and send to your HQ instantly while on the road or at market, such as images, fabric details, colors, an order specifics managed against a buying budget.

Customer Focused

Checkout mobility creates a more personal interaction with clients, enhances the shopping experience and drives sales.  Shopper display units double as advertising space while in resting mode.

Mobile Headquarters

Communicate with your stores in real time from any web browser.  Generate POs and transfers, create new items, receive inventory, view reports, even update your e-Commerce site.

Cost Savings

Lower hardware ownership costs and take advantage of less expensive upfront licensing costs.  Rapidly deployable rollout periods for additional stores make it highly enticing for an expanding business.

Powerful Analytics

Integrate with people counter cameras to deliver data for its reporting processes.  The ability to combine the resources of POS and people counters yields powerful new retail analytics.

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